Welcome to First Grade Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I am so excited to have your child as part of my first grade class this year.  Please be sure to send in all of your child’s school supplies and completed forms to school as soon as possible.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Listed below is information that I thought you would find helpful as your child starts first grade.  Please feel free to ask questions if there is anything I have not explained clearly.

MORNING POLICY:  Your child is entering the first grade!  We expect first graders to have a certain level of independence.   For this reason, I am asking you not to walk your child to class in the mornings.  Say your “goodbyes” in the front hallway when you drop your child off.  If you need to speak to the teacher, please email me through the school website, call, or write a note to schedule a suitable time.

VISITORS:  All parents, grandparents, and visitors to our school must have a visitor badge at all times, no matter where you are in the school.  This includes hallways, classrooms, and the cafeteria.  This means you must report to the office when you come into the school building.  This is for the safety of the students at SDES!

VOLUNTEERS:  Please be sure to fill out a school volunteer form if you wish to help in class, field trips, Career Day, Field Day, etc. These packets are available in the main office.

TAKE-HOME FOLDERS:  Your child’s homework assignments will be in this folder each day.  If the folder comes home empty more than once in a great while you should check with me.  Each Monday there will be an assignment sheet in the folder that is also on the school website. This folder will also be the place for you to put anything you want me to see in the morning.  Please put all lunch money, bus notes, etc. in this folder.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you send money with your child, please put it in an envelope/Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name, my name and what the money is to be used for.

Attendance & NOTES FROM HOME:  School begins promptly at 8:45 and is dismissed at 3:45.  Please send a written note when your child misses school.  This is required by the city, and tracked by our school’s office staff.  It is important for you to send a note whenever your child is absent, needs to leave school early, or intends to go home in a way other than his usual mode of transportation

TOYS:   All toys are to be kept at home.  If toys are brought to school they must remain in the child’s backpack.  If they are out in class they will be collected by the teacher and returned at the end of the day.

ITEMS TO KEEP AT SCHOOL:  Your child may want to keep a light sweater or sweatshirt at school due to the coolness from the air conditioner or the low level temperature maintained during the winter months.  Water helps the brain!  You may send a water bottle with a sport spout only (to eliminate spills) to school on Mondays.  Be sure to write your child’s name on it with permanent marker.  Your child may fill it each morning when he or she arrives at school.


LUNCH:  Lunch is provided to any student who requests one.  There will be a lunch menu available each month.  Students who bring home lunch will place their lunch in a bin that is delivered to the lunchroom.

LIBRARY: Your child will visit the library once every week and is able to check out 1 book as long as he/she returns previously checked out books.

BOOK IT:  This is a school wide program that encourages reading.   It is extremely worthwhile because of its goal to keep children reading.  Each month, October through March, I will send home a BOOK IT reading contract sheet please use this to help me track the number of minutes your child reads daily.  At the end of each month a pizza coupon will be awarded to those kids who have returned all 4 of the reading contracts for the month.

BIRTHDAYS:  We celebrate all birthdays on the last Friday of the month.

Warrior Store:  We have Store.  The children can purchase small items with warrior tickets they have earned.  Contributions for this store would be much appreciated!  Some ideas of what has worked well in the past are:  pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, Oriental Trading Store items…or any other small items you think would be enjoyed.  Thanks for you help with this!

A copy of our specialty classes is below.  If you have any questions about the rotation schedule, please contact me (please make sure your child has tennis shoes for P.E. days for safety reasons).


Thank you for taking the time to look through this information
Ms. Sheridan