November 12 to 16

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Please sign up for a parent conference on the Ray School website under my classroom.
No class for students Wednesday.
Please send your child in layers of warm clothes during the cold weather.
Please consider donating some Crayola Crayons (standard type—not the pen kind) we are running low
Please consider donating a healthy snack
We begin Music classes with Ms. Walker today. Be sure to ask your child about the music class.
Your home assignments may include a need for a calculator. Please make sure you have one at home, or please consider sitting with your first grader while they use the calculator on your cell phone.
In reading we are working on making predictions and checking our predictions. Students will also be asked to make inferences. They should be able to explain to you what predicting and inferencing mean.
Please see your child’s personal sight word list for sight word practice
In math we are preparing for the unit 3 assessment.
In science we are beginning a unit on sound and light
In social science we will discuss family traditions.

Home assignments:
Read daily and track on the reading contract (due each Monday following the weekend’s reading)
Math worksheet Monday through Thursday
Writing assigned Monday- Due Friday. Please do not turn these in until Friday, as I am trying to have students understand that writing is be improved over time with some effort.
Sight words: Look for some sight word practice ideas in the take home folder this week!