October 29 to November 2

Monday, October 29, 2018

Parents, There is no school this Friday because it is a school improvement day.

This Wednesday is our first field trip of the year.  We will attend the Chicago Children’s Theater’s production of Leo Lioni’s Fredrick.

Students in room 112 are working hard on writing and the work is really paying off!  Please ask your child what they have discovered recently when they are writing.

We have begun unit 3 in our math work.  Please look for the unit 2 assessments in the take home folders.  I have told the kids these are a ticket to get more help.  Please go over their responses with them as a part of your homework routine.

2 personal notes:  Anyone able/interested in helping to build a tiered seating area in my classroom please reach out to me. Or if you know a cheap handyman type person let me know.

Also, I have a dear friend who is moving in with aging parents and needs to rehome 2 sister cats (house trained and lovey) If you can take in these two beauties please let me know asap.

Home assignments:
Read daily and track on the reading contract (due each Monday following the weekend’s reading)
Math worksheet Monday through Thursday
Writing assigned Monday- Due Friday. Please do not turn these in until Friday, as I am trying to have students understand that writing is be improved over time with some effort.
Sight words: I am doing my best to differentiate word lists. This is a lot of extra work for me, so please be patient. Sight words are words that cannot be sounded out and are used often in the English language. Students need to memorize these words in order for reading fluency to come. I will include activity ideas for how to make studying these words fun for kids. Please spend time with your child each day going over their individualized list. Add more words as you see fit. Understand that I have 23 kids to keep up with and your child may master words faster or slower than their peers.