October 1 to 5

Monday, October 1, 2018

This week the students experienced a “Lock Down Drill.” Please ask your child to explain what we had to do and why.

This week we are having a special visit from Mr. Steiber, a Kenwood High School teacher, and his students.  They will come tell us what they have been studying about Columbus and the enslavement of native people.

We desperately need a steady stream of snack contributions.

Kids in room 112 have now been asked to write a page a day.  We spent 4 weeks learning to write the letters and practicing sound spellings, and now they are putting their studies to use.  First we wrote a “Weekend Story.” and that will be in the take home folders later in the week for you to read.  Be aware that the homework will begin reflecting our new skills as well.  Additionally a weekly reading log will be in the folder each Monday to be returned the following Monday.

Home assignments:
Math worksheet Mon through Thurs
Reading daily (keep track on reading log)
Site word practice: and, the, of, was
Writing assignment: Write three sentences about the lockdown drill (Due Friday)