September 24 to 28

Monday, September 24, 2018

Parents, After school programming has begun.  If you are interested in one of the programs please contact the office.  I do not have a list of all of the offerings but the office should.

This week we continue to explore the sun and shadows in science. In math we are continuing to explore number lines and number grids.  The unit 1 assessment will take place this week.  In reading/writing students will practice writing letters p, y, v, x, and o.  We will read a story called Curious George at school as a whole group.  In Social Studies we are continuing a discussion about family.

Please continue to send in the trip permission slip and fee.  We need to pay the theater as soon as possible to secure our reservation.

Picture orders and taffy apple orders are also being accepted at this time.  If your child misplaced any of these forms just send me a note and I will send along another.

Please contribute a snack for the group.