Week 2: Sept. 10 to 14

Monday, September 10, 2018

Thursday September 13 we will hold our open house from 4:30 to 5:30.  Please come hear about your child’s program this year.  Following the open house will be our first Local School Council Meeting (LSC).  LSC meetings are held every month.  The group has much input into how we run the school.  Please make time to attend some LSC meetings this school year.

This week also begins our routine in home assignments for first graders.  Assignments are NOT intended to be done in isolation.  On the contrary, the time spent building study habits should be done alongside someone at home.  Activities are meant to support learning in the classroom and to establish routine at home.  They may be completed in the evening or morning hours before school.  The total time for assignment should not exceed one hour.  If you find the assignment are taking your child longer then this please notify me right away.

Assignments include daily reading, a math sheet, and some word work.

READING: Each night they are asked to read for a minimum of 10 minutes (This time requirement will increase through the year.) This can include you reading aloud to your child or shared reading or your child silent reading or reading to you or a family member.

MATH: Monday Through Thursday: Usually a “Homelink” form the math curriculum that follows an activity from class.  Other times a fact practice sheet or a “Read it- Draw it- Solve it” worksheet.  If you do not see a math sheet in the folder every day (except Fridays) please notify me.  Students should have this in their folders every day Mon through Thurs.

WORD WORK: Student should practice the correct letter formation of letters we have covered in class.  They should practice the weekly sight word list through the worksheets and with assistance at home with flash cards, games, and artistically “drawing” the words.  For a more complete list of how to practice sight words please attend the open house this week.