Welcome to School Year 2018/19!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Being a member of room 112 is an honor for me.  This year will be an amazing experience for all of us.  Parents, please be easy on yourselves this week; it is not easy for parents to let go and say goodbye in the beginning.

Important notes and home assignments will be posted here (on the school web site- www.rayschoolweebly.com) and printed each week.  Look for these notes in your child’s “Take-Home-Folder”.  Please show that you have looked inside the folder each day by writing your initials on today’s date.  I will put a stamp over your initials when the folder is returned to indicate that I have looked for notes from you. (See “Take-Home-Folder” note)

An important note from Ms. Thole:

Back to School Packets: All students will receive packets on Tuesday. Please ensure the following documents are in your child’s folder today:
1. Handbook Signature Page (found attached to the Parent/Student Handbook on the website & Drive)
2. Emergency Contact Form (if not a new student)
3. Medical forms (as needed – all teachers received student non-compliance lists in their PD folder)
4. Income forms
5. School fees
6. Robo-call opt-in forms
Note: if anything is missing, please let me know right away so I can track it down for you.

Each family is asked to pay a school fee to cover the cost of consumable items used throughout the year such as workbooks and art/science supplies.  Please pay this fee directly to me or to the main office and be sure to get a receipt for it.  If you need to make payments toward it over time that can also be arranged.

Check back for an updated copy of our schedule!

Have a great school year!
Ms. Sheridan