May 29 to June 1

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This week we will attend the 3rd grade play.
This weekend is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Please see the Ray Enews for information on volunteering for a shift at the Hyde Park Art Fair.

Please be on the lookout for summer suggestions from the teachers coming soon.

I hope everyone enjoyed the class book we published from Scholastic.  If you did not yet purchase a copy you can request an order form from me.  It is not to late to own your own copy!

Please send a water bottle with your child each day.  Please DO NOT freeze the bottles, they end up making a mess and getting the work we do wet.

We still need snack donations.

Home assignments:
If your child is not reading daily and practicing single digit addition and subtraction facts they will likely fall behind their peers who do practice daily.

Read daily and keep track of minutes
Sight word practice: ready, anything, upon, kind, places, also, flower, warm

Math worksheet & memorize single digit facts practice (Mon – thur)
Fix the sentences worksheet (Mon – Thur)

Reading Log: (note: please try to read a minimum 10 minutes each day.  An adult reading aloud to a child counts.  If you miss a day simply write 0 on the line)

Monday minutes_____

Tuesday minutes_____

Wednesday minutes_____

Thursday minutes____

Friday minutes_____

Saturday minutes_____

Sunday minutes_____