April 23 to 27

Monday, April 23, 2018

Walk-A-Thon is May 6 from 10am to 5pm  See the Ray enews for more information!

This week we will celebrate any birthdays we have had.  You are invited to contribute healthy snacks for that as well as snacks for general use.

Any students who have not yet completed the interview project for our class book have an extension until this Wednesday to complete it.  We will begin writing and illustrating based on the interview data collected on Wednesday.  If projects are not turned in by Wednesday your child will not have a page in the class book, and I would hate to see that happen.

We are planning 2 more fields trips.  The May 24 from 845 to noon we will see a theatrical performance of the children’s book Last Stop on Market Street.  Then in June we plan to visit a forest preserve in the Western suburbs.

If you were not able to attend parent conferences the report cards are in the main office for pick up.  You are welcome to set up a time to meet with me.  Any day except Tuesdays at 1245.

Home assignments:

Read daily and keep track of minutes
Sight word practice: done, great, laugh, were, talk, soon, paper

Math worksheet & memorize single digit facts practice (Mon – thur)
Fix the sentences worksheet (Mon – Thur)

Reading Log: (note: please try to read a minimum 10 minutes each day.  An adult reading aloud to a child counts.  If you miss a day simply write 0 on the line)

Monday minutes_____

Tuesday minutes_____

Wednesday minutes_____

Thursday minutes____

Friday minutes_____

Saturday minutes_____

Sunday minutes_____