April 2 to 6

Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Spring All!!  With the changes in weather, please help your child dress in layers each day to allow for changing temps.

Now that we are back we need more snack donations!

Our class was fortunate to be swept up in the Donor’s Choose mass funding over the break!  We will be receiving a new teacher easel and many math games/manipulatives!  If you have not checked out Donor’s Choose web site you really should it is an amazing thing for teachers and students.

Special Request:
  In an attempt to expand our discussion about cities and specifically Chicago, I would like to invite you to assist your child in taking 2 pictures of your part of the neighborhood with your cell phone.  Our sister classroom on the Northside will be invited to do the same and we will share and compare.  You may print and send them in or send copies to my email.  (Preferably taken by your first grader– no more than 3)

Home assignments:

Read daily and keep track of minutes
Sight word practice: brother, sister, says, also, think

Math worksheet & memorize single digit facts practice (Mon – thur)
Fix the sentences worksheet (Mon – Thur)

Reading Log: (note: please try to read a minimum 10 minutes each day.  An adult reading aloud to a child counts.  If you miss a day simply write 0 on the line)

Monday minutes_____

Tuesday minutes_____

Wednesday minutes_____

Thursday minutes____

Friday minutes_____

Saturday minutes_____

Sunday minutes_____