February 5 to 9

Monday, February 5, 2018

Thanks to all the parents who attended the Raise Your Glass Fund Raiser last week!

Room 112 is in desperate need of snack and magic marker donations.  Any and all will be welcome.

Just a reminder the school would prefer if we celebrate birthdays at the end of the month, however room 112 has already made so many exceptions to this rule I think it best to invite families when a birthday comes up.  Please try your best to make birthday treats somewhat healthy (strawberries and a sweet biscuit for example)  The frosting on store bought cupcakes is a strong source of sugar/lard.

Friday you can look for progress reports in the take home folders.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at gsheridan@cps.edu.

Wednesday the 14th we will invite students to bring a valentine (preferably home made) for each student in the class. Please do NOT send in any candy.  Candy sent to school will be returned to you.  If you need a new class list just let me know.

In reading we will investigate diversity through a series of stories about people from different backgrounds.

In math we will finish up unit 5.  Please look for a unit review just ahead of the test.

In science we will continue investigating sounds.

In math we continue working in unit 5 with base ten concepts and place value.

Home assignments:

Read daily and keep track of minutes
Sight word practice: way, find, use, may, water

Math worksheet & memorize single digit facts practice (Mon – thur)
Fix the sentences worksheet (Mon – Thur)

Reading Log: (note: please try to read a minimum 10 minutes each day.  An adult reading aloud to a child counts.  If you miss a day simply write 0 on the line)

Monday minutes_____

Tuesday minutes_____

Wednesday minutes_____

Thursday minutes____

Friday minutes_____

Saturday minutes_____

Sunday minutes_____