January 22 to 28

Monday, January 22, 2018

OOOOO…Flu season is here!!!  I am hopeful I can get some parent volunteers to help sanitize the room before and after school in the coming days.  We should make it a goal to do on a regular basis until we are confident we have this under control.  So many students out last week AND the teacher!

Please consider sending in fresh fruits or veggies for class snacks: carrots, grapes, apples, cuties, bananas, etc.

Have you bought your tickets for “Raise a Glass for Ray” at The Promontory on February 1st? Please visit the Ray School website to learn more. This is a super fun event with childcare provided! Please join us.

In class: This week we will continue reading about city life in our social science study.  We will also be writing some about that subject.

In math this week, we will start unit 5 in math. We will begin learning more about place value using base ten blocks and by playing the digit game. We will also use pennies and dimes to represent numbers and discuss place value.

In science we are still making observations about how sound and light work.

Home assignments:  Look for a math message book.  Please look through it with your child and return by Friday.

Math worksheet Mon through Thurs
Read daily minimum 15 minutes
Sight word practice
Word/sentence work Non through Thurs

Sight Words: been, who, people, because, cousin, all