December 4 to 8

Monday, December 4, 2017

Wow, as we get closer to the end of the year you should be looking for information about our Gingerbread house (graham cracker/milk carton) celebration.  We will need donations to make that a success.  Also, please continue to contribute snacks…yumm.

This week students will begin a math unit that includes measurement.  We will also continue to work on addition and subtraction strategies.  Please help your child practice memorizing single digit addition facts in addition to their regular home assignments.

In science we will continue to explore how sound is made.

In reading we have begun to have reading buddies come from Ms. Lemberis’ 5th grade room.  They come every day to listen to first graders read aloud at their own fluency level.   In writing kids are progressing to check each other’s work.  It is an exciting time in first grade!

First grade will participate in the Winter Assembly, but I am not sure if this is a production for parents or just for the student body.  I will find out and let you all know.

Home assignments:

Read daily and keep track of minutes
Sight word practice: had, not, but, what, all
Math worksheet & memorize single digit facts practice (Mon – thur)
Fix the sentences worksheet (Mon – Thur)

Reading Log: (note: please try to read a minimum 10 minutes each day.  An adult reading aloud to a child counts.  If you miss a day simply write 0 on the line)

Monday minutes_____

Tuesday minutes_____

Wednesday minutes_____

Thursday minutes____

Friday minutes_____

Saturday minutes_____

Sunday minutes_____