November 13 to 17

Friday, November 10, 2017

This is a funny week because the kids have no classes on Wednesday the 15th for parent conferences.  Please see last week’s letter to find the link to sign up for a ten minute spot.  If your family will need more than 10 minutes you will need to schedule a separate meeting time for that.

Next week we will be attending the Powwow at Old Town School of Folk Music.  I already have enough chaperones scheduled for this trip and limited seating.  If you had planned to attend and had not yet confirmed with me please understand and try for the next trip.  If you had written me a note I am expecting you already and thank you.

This week we will step up the home assignments a bit.  Students are asked to keep track of the minutes they read each day, the sight words will have a longer worksheet and clear and specific words to memorize, and there will be a daily language arts sheet to practice mechanics.  All assignments are due the following day, reading logs and sight word practice sheets are due FRIDAYS (they are for daily use and must be turned the week they were assigned.)


This week we will read several stories that support “Growth Mindset” concepts and will study vocabulary and themes from the text. Students will discuss character traits, major events in the story and the author’s purpose or lesson. We will make predictions while reading and encourage students to infer what might happen beyond the text.


Students will continue writing journal entries and will use a class poster to check for quality work.


This week, we will begin unit 3. In this unit we will practice with tools such as number lines and number grids.  We will practice skip counting and adding and subtracting using a variety of diagrams to help us.


We will be honoring Native American Heritage Month with stories and activities.  We will attend a Native American Powwow celebration on the 21st.  If you have not returned your trip slip[ and money please do so as soon as possible,