October 30 to November 3

Friday, October 27, 2017

BIG week!
Our first field trip is Tuesday.  We will all need to dress for cold, cold weather.  Bundle up!!  Be sure to eat a big breakfast because lunch will be later than normal.  Students are welcome to complain about the weather and their hunger throughout the trip.  Sometimes complaining helps, but we will eat at our assigned time and the weather is out of our control.

Wednesday the principal is hosting another coffee in the morning.
There will be no school for students on November 3.  This is a professional development day for teachers.


This week we will read Waiting for Winter and will study vocabulary and themes from the text. Students will discuss character traits, major events in the story and the author’s purpose or lesson. We will make predictions while reading and encourage students to infer what might happen beyond the text.


Students will be given a new writing journal and the writing they have done thus faar will be put into a book and be ready to take home in the coming weeks.


This week, we will begin unit 3. In this unit we will practice with tools such as number lines and number grids.  We will practice skip counting and adding and subtracting using a variety of diagrams to help us.


We will continue with our discussion of what families need and want. We will discuss family traditions and celebrations including a comparison of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos We will complete our skeleton artwork