October 23 to 27

Monday, October 23, 2017

This week we will prepare for our first field trip together.  Please note that we will go rain or shine.  Dress accordingly.  All parents are welcome on this first trip.  For future trips there may be limited seating.
You will also see a trip slip for a trip in November.  It is very important that you understand we must reserve and pay for seated shows ahead of time.  Do not wait until the trip approaches to return the slips and fees.  If you are able to contribute a bit above and beyond the fee we will put that toward the fee for families who may not be in a position to cover the whole cost.

Tuesday the 24 is PICTURE DAY!  Please send in the envelopes with payment or pay on line.

Last week I put a notice in the folders about an optional Dia de los Muertas project.  So far I have not had any response.  I am ready to complete the project in class.  Please consider offering your child a picture of a loved one that we can honor on our wall.  We will complete the ofrendas in class.  I am excited and delighted to create this healing project with stories from your families.  Remember we will make the ofrendas in class all you need do is send in a copy of a picture.  (Please do not send anything precious or irreplaceable.)


This week we will read The Rain Came Down and Red Rubber Boots Day and will study vocabulary and themes from the text. Students will discuss character traits, major events in the story and the author’s purpose or lesson.


The students will continue to write daily.  Some students will be invited to read their work from the author’s chair.  I need a parent volunteer to help put together this quarter’s writing books.  Let me know if you are available.


This week, we will take the unit 2 assessment and begin Unit 3. Students will explore change to more and change to less diagrams and also work with mystery numbers (missing addends) in number stories.


We will look closely at patterns in the sky, specifically the movement of the sun. We will explore what the word “orbit” means. We will read a non fiction book about stars and find out what students already know using a KWL chart.


We will continue with our discussion of what families need and want. We will discuss family traditions and celebrations including a comparison of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos