April 3 to 6

Friday, March 31, 2017

This week we will end on Thursday.  Friday is a teacher furlough day.  And next week is Spring Break.
Homework assignments will end Wednesday evening, but please encourage our child to read every day.

We are so hungry for snack around 2 in the afternoon.  Please contribute something healthy we can all eat (nothing perishable due to the break)

Parents remember second graders often experience some anxiety when a long break in their routine is upon them.  Please be extra patient with your child as we lead to the week away from school.  And do your best to establish a concrete routine for over the break so your child can feel confident about what is expected.

This week we will take a close look at fiction variations (Cinderella and 3 Pigs, etc)
We will take a look how plant roots help with erosion.

Home Assignments:
Book report due Thursday
Math sheets Mon through Wednesday