January 17 to 20

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tomorrow we are going to the theater.  Chaperones have already been established.  For those of you who wanted to come please consider coming on our next trip.  Our apologies, the seating was so limited.  It is recommended that your child bring a lunch, though they will still be able to get a school lunch if they are not able to bring their own.  It is also recommended that the kids wear a Ray school shirt.  These can be purchased for $10 through Ms. Clement rm 215.

Please look for the instructions and rubric for the African American Heritage project in this week’s folder.  Projects will be due in mid February.

This week please review sight words to date.  Also review types of sentences and the importance of story structure.

We will take a unit math test this Friday on time, place value, measurement in inches and centemeters, and counting coins.

Please send a water bottle with a sport lid.

Please note that if your child did not turn in a writing application last week they currently have a 0 (F) in grade book and should plan to make up that assignment.

Home assignments: (Reading logs are due each Monday.  Writing assignments are due each Friday.)

Reading minimum 15 minutes daily —weekends too! (log printed on the back of this sheet)

Math sheet–Mon through Thurs

review words to date (found in all the previous blog entries)

A “Writing Application” project will last all 5 days of the week Monday: Plan (choose from the 2 topics provided) Tuesday Draft, Wednesday revise (make it better) Thursday edit (check for errors) Friday publish (turn it in to the teacher)

Writing Application: Note parents may “share the pen” if needed as we start the year and turn it over to more independent writing as we progress.

Choice 1:Bully bully
Write about a time you have witnessed bullying.  Tell what you did in response to the bullying.

Choice 2:Theatre
Write about a time you attended a show at a theatre.  Tell what you saw and with whom you attended.  Was it a movie, a dance performance, a musical concert, or a play?