December 12 to 16

Friday, December 9, 2016

December 12 to 16

We have just this week and next before our long break.  In these weeks the weather may prevent us from going outside, but when the temperature is above 25* we will go out.  Please send your child dressed for that possibility.

Try to label clothes and other belongings with name and room number.  The new lost&found policy involves donating all unclaimed items to Goodwill at the end of each month.

We will continue our home assignments right through the holidays Well, reading daily is highly recommended)

This week and next we will have our regular assignment schedule and for the 2 week break we will provide a double sided reading contract.

We have a very limited number of seats for our January 18th field trip.  Interested chaperones should speak directly to the classroom teacher to find out if any space is still available We are running very low on snacks again.

This week in second grade students will be taking a look at clocks and measurement. We will practice making inferences and predations in our reading.  Students will also learn about the prefixes “pre” and “mis”.

Note only 9 students in room 214 turned in writing applications last week.  This means a 0 or F in gradebook for the missed assignments.  Please make sure your child keeps up with home assignments.

Home assignments: (Reading logs are due each Monday.  Writing assignments are due each Friday.)

Reading minimum 15 minutes daily —weekends too! (log printed on the back of this sheet)

Math sheet–Mon through Thurs

another, far, grow, hard, heard, kind, light, more, some, to

A “Writing Application” project will last all 5 days of the week Monday: Plan (choose from the 2 topics provided) Tuesday Draft, Wednesday revise (make it better) Thursday edit (check for errors) Friday publish (turn it in to the teacher)

Writing ApplicationNote parents may “share the pen” if needed as we start the year and turn it over to more independent writing as we progress.

Choice 1: Creative Writing
Write a fairy tale about a king or queen who lives in a very unusual kingdom and who has the same name as you!  Begin with these words, “Once upon a time…”

Choice 2: A Thousand Thanks
Pretend you have just spent the weekend at a castle.  Write a thank you note to the prince and princess you stayed with.  Tell them what you liked most about your visit