Novemeber 7 to 11

Monday, November 7, 2016

Wierd Whacky Week!

Wednesday is Parent Conference day (no school for students.)  Students are welcome to attend the conferences.  Conferences last only 10 minutes, so please come prepared with any questions you have.  If you require additional time you will be asked to set a separatee meeting time.  You are invited to email us with a few convenient times (noon to 550pm)

This week students will begin the Native American Research projects.  They are encouraged to read about or watch videos on Native American people of long ago.  Because of the unusual week and the emphasis on research there will not be a writing application due this week.

Please review all sight words we have assigned so far this year.

Math home assignemnets will be as usual.

Home Assignments:
Read about Native Americans of Long ago
Math pages Mon, and Tues only
Review all sight words to date (found in all previous news letters on the school web site.)