October 11 to 14

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A big GIANT thank you to all of the parents for your support of the teachers through our stressful contract negotiations!

Some special dates to be aware of:
October 13 6pm PTO & LSC groups will meet in a combined meeting in the cafeteria

October 31 is our first field trip.  We will go to the children’s farm.
Look for the permission slip in the take home folders.  Chaperones do not need to pay the fee.  Chaperones are volunteers for the school and must ride the bus with us and help to monitor student safety.  Please refrain from cell phone use on the trip as much as possible.

We are a smidgen behind in our Family Interview project.  Please submit interview writing by this Friday or earlier. Late projects will not be accepted past Friday the 14th.

Home assignments:

Reading minimum 15 minutes daily —weekends too! (log printed on the back of this sheet)

Math sheet–Mon through Thurs

Sight words:both, cold, eat, find, green, little, long, says, table, we

A “Writing Application” project will last all 5 days of the week Monday: Plan (choose from the 2 topics provided) Tuesday Draft, Wednesday revise (make it better) Thursday edit (check for errors) Friday publish (turn it in to the teacher)

Writing Application: Note parents may “share the pen” if needed as we start the year and turn it over to more independent writing as we progress.

Choice 1: Rules
How can you make your home a safe place?  Think about what you should do if there is a fire at home.  What special rules should you follow in the kitchen?  Write a list of home safety rules.

Choice 2: The Family Pet
If you were to go on vacation and leave your pet with a friend or family member, what instructions would you leave?   How will you tell the pet sitter to care for your pet?