Week of September 19 to 23

Friday, September 16, 2016

We love the healthy snacks people have been contributing!  Thank you.

Please provide your child with a water bottle with sport lid.

Remember each child must submit a writing assignment each Friday.

Sept. 22 Open House 5pm…& PTO mtg…6pm
Sept. 26 Parents 4 Teachers mtg–6:30 Parent Room

Assignments for week of September 19 through 23

Reading minimum 15 minutes daily —weekends too! (log printed on the back of this sheet)

Math sheet–Mon through Thurs

Sight words: around, be, five, help, next, or, pull, take, until, walked

A “Writing Application” project will last all 5 days of the week Monday: Plan (choose from the 2 topics provided) Tuesday Draft, Wednesday revise (make it better) Thursday edit (check for errors) Friday publish (turn it in to the teacher)

Writing Application: Note parents may “share the pen” if needed as we start the year and turn it over to more independent writing as we progress.

Choice 1: An Ad
Pretend you have some pet frogs for sale.  Write an ad for your school paper.

Choice 2: Pet Poems
Some poems have only two lines that rhyme.  Write some (more than one) of your own two-line poems about pets.  Example;
My rooster is red.
It sits on my bed.