May 31 to June 3

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Welcome to June Folks!!!

These next few weeks are very exciting. Students will enjoy many festivities, but we also have serious work to do in preparation for the transition to third grade.

Friday 10th 3rd grade play
June 4 & 5 Hyde Park Art Fair
June 21 School Picnic

Students in second grade have been learning so much about other countries from parent presentations.  They have been given world maps.  They are expected to study these maps at home they are required to be able to correctly identify the 7 continents, the country they live in and the continent it is on and tell the difference between a continent, a country, a state and a city/town. We have and continue to review this in class each day.

For home assignments please look for math worksheets, map study sheets and book reports.  Students should maintain their homework habits until the last week.