May 16 to 20

Monday, May 16, 2016

Just 5 weeks left to the school year.

Our upcoming filed trip is open to as many parents as would like to participate.  Note that each class will attend on a different day.  Please refer to the trip slip for the date of your child’s scheduled time.  Let us know if you plan to chaperone.  Note chaperones are asked to turn of cell phones and focus on students for the full duration of the trip.

Research projects due between May 23rd to the 27th.  Late projects will NOT be accepted.  If you have questions please be sure to ask prior to the dates mentioned.

We invite parents to consider presenting a brief 10 talk about a special place on the globe.  We have already heard a bit about Italy and we will hear about China and Germany this week. Let us know asap if you would like to present

  • PTA Events:
  • Walk-a-Thon: Friday, May 20th
  • Asian Heritage Assembly: Friday, May 27th
  • 57th Street Arts Fair: Friday, June 3 – Sunday, June 5
  • Picnic: Tuesday, June 21

Please contribute snack.

This week will be our last writing application assignment.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1: Letter to a teacher
Write a letter of introduction to your third grade teacher.

Choice #2: Letter to your teacher
Write a letter to your current teacher.

Sight words: eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, your