January 19 to 22

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Parents there are some opportunities to help out in the classroom in the coming days.  Ms. Sheridan needs help with a big project with the American Red Cross.  Also we need help wiping down the classrooms with disinfecting wipes, putting away books, and filing writing assignments.  Please let us know if and when you are interested.

We need snack and Warrior store contributions.

Our trip to the theater is next week.  We have very limited seating for this trip.  Please see your teacher for details.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1: A Job Application
Pretend a neighbor is moving.  He wants to pay someone to pack for him.  Write a letter to the neighbor.  Tell why you would be good for the job.

Choice #2: Dripping with money
You know that there are different kinds and sizes of money.  Pretend you live in a place where water is used as money.  Write a funny story about the place.

Sight words: obeys, safety, station, attention, buddy, speech, shocked, enormous