December 7 to 11

Monday, December 7, 2015

Looking forward to this fun, busy week!

Parents, Please be reminded homework is 30% of your child’s grades.  Reading logs are due every Monday (logs are to be kept daily to track reading time, please do NOT fill them in all at once and then turn them in; that is not how they were designed to be used–and it sends a strong message to students that they are not valued) Writing Assignments are due every Friday.  We have a startling number of students receiving Fs due to missing assignments.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1: A Help Wanted Ad
Pretend you must hire a new doctor for your animal hospital.  Write a Help Wanted Ad.

Choice #2:Healthy Habits
Draw a picture of a make believe animal and then write about your animal/.  Include how to take care of it, what it eats, and how to keep it safe.

Sight words: against, along, bird, different, girl, hold, morning, night, part, someone