September 28 to October 2

Monday, September 28, 2015


The weather is unpredictable so please provide layers and options for dress.

Also, it is recommended that your second grader keep a pair of gym shoes in their pack so when gym days come up they are not without.

We are still waiting for the math “home Links” so the math assignments will continue to be from various sources for now.  We appreciate your patience.

Next week we have an Open House.  This is a parent event.  If you must bring your child they must stay by your side throughout the evening.  Child care is not provided and the classroom will only be used for a brief teacher presentation, it is not open for student use.

Picture day is also next week.  Please return the order form completely filled out if you choose to purchase a picture.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1 Creative Writing: Pretend you saw the world’s biggest pig.  Write a story telling about the pig and how it looked.  Begin your story with the words: “Babe was as big as six…”

Choice #2 Animal Chatter:  Pretend a talking animal has just won a blue ribbon at the county fair in your town.  Write four questions you would like to ask this unusual animal.  Skip a few lines under each question.  Then write the animal’s answers

Sight words:city, full, no, other, places, put, school, sing, think, this