Friday, September 11, 2015
Hello Ray Family and Kudos ALL!
This first week of school popping into classrooms and walking through the halls, we have observed students positively getting acclimated to their new teacher, environment, peers, and classroom rituals & routines.
With safety as one of our top priorities, we want to make certain all stakeholders are aware of our entrance and exit procedures. 
Please share this information with your parents (blog, weekly newsletters, etc). 
  • All students line up by their room number
  • Teachers walk outside to their designated area to retrieve their students
  • Students are picked up by 8:45am
  • Parents are not allowed to walk students to class
  • Admin, security and support staff will be stationed at all areas
  • Teachers should be in route to the playground at 3:40PM
  • All teachers walk students to the room number
  • Students are released at 3:45PM
  • Admin, security and support staff will remain with students until 3:50PM
  • After 3:50PM, students will be taken to room 306
Per our handbook
Please ensure your child is picked-up from school at dismissal. If an emergency occurs, call and inform the main office. 
To ensure safety, the following non-compliance procedure will be followed for students not picked up at 3:45 pm:
1st Late Pick Up – Your child will be sent to classroom 306.
2nd Late Pick Up – The student will be sent to classroom 306. Parents will receive written notice to attend a required conference with school administration. 
3rd Late Pick Up – Student will be sent to in-house emergency after care and a $25 fee will be charged. 
Parents will receive written correspondence outlining legal requirement.
Per CPS Policy
If by 4:30 p.m., the parent, guardian, or emergency contact has not been reached and/or no one has come to pick up the student, school staff shall call: 
-DCFS Hotline to report child neglect
-CPS Student Safety Center to explain that a student is stranded
Schools should continue to attempt to locate the parent, guardian, or emergency contact; b. Arrange for the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to provide transportation if the parent, guardian or emergency contact requires assistance to get to school; c. As a last resort, call 911 to ask the police to come to the school to take protective custody of the student.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.
If you have any concerns or suggestions, please let us know.
Safety First,
​Ray Administration
William H. Ray Elementary School
It’s a great day to be a Ray Warrior!