February 23 to 27

Monday, February 23, 2015

Here we go…into the last week of February 2015! Time seems to be flying by!

Kids this week will explore the world of balance and motion in science.
In math we will focus on doubling numbers, addition practice, and measurement.
In Reading we are investigating how verbs interact with pronouns and we will learn about the log i spelled igh.

Please consider contributing snacks and Warrior Store items….these are always appreciated

Our next field trip is March 18th to the Shedd Aquarium. There will be no fee for this trip.

This weeks assignments:
Tuesday: Read, Math Link,Choose writing prompt and write a draft
Wednesday: Read, Math Link, Revise your writing
Thursday: Read, Math Link, Edit your writing
Friday: Read, Math Link, Submit your writing to the teacher

Writing Choices:
Choice 1: Pretend you have invented a machine that helps people get in shape. Write an ad for your machine. Tell how it works and why it is special.
Choice 2: Write instructions for a game or exercise that will help keep your body strong and healthy. Be sure to write each step.