February 16 to 20

Friday, February 13, 2015

No school Monday.  Please note how that impacts writing assignments for the week.

Please consider joining Ms. Sheridan Wed., February 18, 2015 6:30-8:00pm
at Kennicott Park 4434 S. Lake Park Ave., Chicago for an information session
regarding testing in the schools.

Our next field trip is March 18th to the Shedd Aquarium.  There will be no fee for this trip.

In Math we begin a new unit on fractions.

In Language Arts kids will practice pronouns, ed and ing endings, story structure, and how to name yourself last in speaking and writing.

This weeks assignments:
Tuesday: Read, Math Link,Choose writing prompt and write a draft
Wednesday: Read, Math Link, Revise your writing
Thursday: Read, Math Link, Edit your writing
Friday: Read, Math Link, Submit your writing to the teacher

Writing Choices:
Choice 1: A Story about Me: Think of a friend you visited in their house or apartment. Write a story about your visit. Tell why it was fun or exciting.
Choice 2: If you could live anywhere where would you live? Would you live in a castle. on a houseboat or in an igloo? Write about your dream home. What does it look like? What is special about it?