September 29 to October 2

Friday, September 26, 2014

Parents please consider making donations to our Warrior Store. You can purchase prizes at Oriental Trading dot com and on eBay if you enter “Novelty Prizes bulk” We need more items for which the kids can trade their Warrior tickets.

Please join PTA and attend their meetings. That group helps the school run smoothly and offers many enriching opportunities for our families.

This weeks assignments:
Monday: Read, Math Link, Choose writing prompt

Tuesday: Read, Math Link, write a draft

Wednesday: Read, Math Link, Revise your writing

Thursday: Read, Math Link, Edit your writing

Friday: Read, Math Link, Submit your writing to the teacher

Writing Choices:
Choice 1: How can you make your home a safe place? Think about what you should do if there is a fire. What special rules should you follow in the kitchen? Write a list of home safety rules.

Choice 2:Pretend you saw the world’s biggest apple. Write a story telling about the apple and how it looked. Begin your story ” Jeanie had a giant apple in her yard!”