September 22 to 26

Friday, September 19, 2014

If you have not heard the news… We have a new official Principal at Ray School…Ms. Megan Thole. Stop by and introduce yourself.

Not only is Ms. Thole a talented and inspiring educator, she has decided that the little children should have a snack each day in mid afternoon. Please consider donating a healthful snack for our class. Acceptable foods include: goldfish crackers, fruit, carrots or celery, cheese sticks, or crackers or pretzels. We will not serve chips or candy or cookies.

We have had a terrific few weeks. Thank you to all of those who came out to Open House. If you were not able to make it please take a moment to look through the flyer the kids brought home regarding our classroom.

Homework assignments for the week:

Monday: Read, Math Link, Choose writing prompt

Tuesday: Read, Math Link, write a draft

Wednesday: Read, Math Link, Revise your writing

Thursday: Read, Math Link, Edit your writing

Friday: Read, Math Link, Submit your writing to the teacher

Writing Choices:
Choice 1: Write a poem about an animal you have spent time with.

Choice 2:Write about something you like to do with a friend.