Monday, September 1, 2014

I am excited for this new school year!
I hope that you will find the information below helpful.

• Each student will be receiving a School folder. Since the folders have not arrived at Ray school yet, we will begin the year using the folder your child brought home today. All important papers will be sent home in this folder each night, until the new ones arrive. At the beginning of every week, I will put the Weekly Overview in the students’ folder. For your convenience I will also publish it on my blog which can be found on the Ray school website – www.ray.cps.k12.il.us
• The folders will be checked each day at school. I will be checking for completed homework assignments, a parent signature (or initials) on the monthly calendar and any notes that you may have written to me or someone else at Ray school.
• I can be contacted through e-mail at gsheridan@cps.edu or through the Ray school website at www.ray.cps.k12.il.us

Once we get into our routines, the students will receive homework every night Monday – Friday. There may be homework over the weekend, on rare occasions. The students will have math homework every night, usually a “Home Link”. The students will have sight word, vocabulary and writing homework as well as a required minimum 15 minutes of reading daily. You will be notified of all homework assignments through our weekly overview.
The monthly calendar (in your student’s Ray School folder) should be signed or initialed every night after your student has finished all of that night’s homework and reviewed it together – including reading for 20 minutes.

Lunch Money
• PLEASE complete the application for free or reduced lunch even if your child brings lunch from home. After completing the form, return it to me in your student’s Ray School folder as soon as possible.
• Please send all lunch money for the entire week on Monday. Lunch costs $2.45 per day ($12.25 per week) and reduced lunch is 40₵ per day ($2.00 per week). All money that is brought to school should be clearly labeled in an envelope. Even if your student only wants hot lunch on one day in the middle of the week, he/she should still bring in his/her money on Monday.

School Fees
This year the school fee for all students is $85.00. This fee does not include field trips. Please let me know if you are interested in paying in installments.

It is important for the students to arrive at school every day on time. Any students who arrive after 8:45am must get a tardy slip from the security desk before coming to the classroom. Please remember that when your child returns to school from being absent, that you must send a note for the office, so that the absence may be excused. The office will not excuse any absences without a note signed by the parent.

Ray school has a new birthday policy this school year. All birthdays for the month will be celebrated on the last Friday of the month at the end of the day. Healthy snacks can be brought in by the honorees. We suggest fruit, popcorn or fruit pops. Please do NOT send sweets such as cupcakes or cookies.

Parent Volunteers
Please let me know if you would like to volunteer in the classroom. There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. I also will have some take home volunteer activities for families that are interested. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or school, please complete a volunteer packet which is available in the main office.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a note or email with your comments, questions, or concerns!
Ms. Sheridan