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This week we will continue to explore the moon and sun in science.
Students will be reading to themselves, with a buddy, in small group and whole group each day.
In math we continue to learn adding strategies that include counting on from one number and use of a number grid.

Please continue to send in snacks for the group.
Please make sure your child dresses with layers for the changing weather.
For parents who have already completed the volunteer check, please be patient with me as I figure out best ways to include you in our routines.
Home assignments:
Read daily
Math worksheet Monday through Thursday
Writing prompt Due Friday
Sight words:
A, the, and, of, has, his, about, because, on, no, up, upon, what

October 8 to 12
Last week we had a visit from a Kenwood High School class. The students from Kenwood shared books they’d written about why Columbus Day is under scrutiny and why some are asking it be changed to Indigenous People’s day. The activity was a great success. Be sure to ask your first grader about what they learned.
This week we will continue to work on sound spellings. Students are reading a story as a group titled Gus Takes the Train. I will be reading Harry the Dirty Dog, In the Middle of Fall, Sun, Moon and Planets. and Waiting for winter. We will also continue to read Charlotte’s Web.
In Math we will practice turn around facts, tally marks, some basic shapes, properties of 10, and number grid use and number stories with addition and subtraction.
In science we will explore ice melting on black versus white paper. We will watch a video about the sun.
In Social Science we will discuss family in greater detail.
Thanks to all of you who have contributed snacks. We have enough for this week, but keep them coming! We eat them every day!
Please note that today was picture day. Orders can be placed on line or through the office. 2 Of our kids from 112 were missing today and will have a chance to take pictures on retake day. Everyone present was photographed today.
Home assignments:
Writing: This week’s writing assignment is to tell about a family member. Due Friday. Paper will be in folder today so that kids can begin to write.
Sight words: his, of, and, the, has, had, from
Read daily
Math worksheet Tues through Thurs

This week the students experienced a “Lock Down Drill.” Please ask your child to explain what we had to do and why.

This week we are having a special visit from Mr. Steiber, a Kenwood High School teacher, and his students.  They will come tell us what they have been studying about Columbus and the enslavement of native people.

We desperately need a steady stream of snack contributions.

Kids in room 112 have now been asked to write a page a day.  We spent 4 weeks learning to write the letters and practicing sound spellings, and now they are putting their studies to use.  First we wrote a “Weekend Story.” and that will be in the take home folders later in the week for you to read.  Be aware that the homework will begin reflecting our new skills as well.  Additionally a weekly reading log will be in the folder each Monday to be returned the following Monday.

Home assignments:
Math worksheet Mon through Thurs
Reading daily (keep track on reading log)
Site word practice: and, the, of, was
Writing assignment: Write three sentences about the lockdown drill (Due Friday)