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Parents, After school programming has begun.  If you are interested in one of the programs please contact the office.  I do not have a list of all of the offerings but the office should.

This week we continue to explore the sun and shadows in science. In math we are continuing to explore number lines and number grids.  The unit 1 assessment will take place this week.  In reading/writing students will practice writing letters p, y, v, x, and o.  We will read a story called Curious George at school as a whole group.  In Social Studies we are continuing a discussion about family.

Please continue to send in the trip permission slip and fee.  We need to pay the theater as soon as possible to secure our reservation.

Picture orders and taffy apple orders are also being accepted at this time.  If your child misplaced any of these forms just send me a note and I will send along another.

Please contribute a snack for the group.

I would like to thank the folks who were able to attend the Open House last week.  I also need to clarify some of the things I mentioned.

  • Homework is REQUIRED.  We are assigning written tasks Mon through Thurs due the day after they come home (Mon’s is due Tues) We also ask each student to read a minimum 10 every day (7 days a week) including Fri through Sun
  • Each student will be given grades in reading, math, science, social science, writing, and specialty classes.  Those grades are for communicating student achievement and need with parents.  They are not for student feedback. Students are graded on assignments and according to rubrics for grade level expectations.
  • Each student should have a water bottle to keep at their seat with a sport lid
  • Students are encouraged to wear Ray School logo on Wednesdays for Spirit days (logo shirts can be purchased from PTO
  • Please consider joining PTO and LSC these committees have a ton of influence in how the building is managed.  If you have questions about the commitment please let me know.
  • Please return Friday Letter books each Monday
  • Please consider going through the volunteer process now if you plan to ever stop by to help out or observe in our room.

Thanks again for your continued support

Ms. Sheridan

Thursday September 13 we will hold our open house from 4:30 to 5:30.  Please come hear about your child’s program this year.  Following the open house will be our first Local School Council Meeting (LSC).  LSC meetings are held every month.  The group has much input into how we run the school.  Please make time to attend some LSC meetings this school year.

This week also begins our routine in home assignments for first graders.  Assignments are NOT intended to be done in isolation.  On the contrary, the time spent building study habits should be done alongside someone at home.  Activities are meant to support learning in the classroom and to establish routine at home.  They may be completed in the evening or morning hours before school.  The total time for assignment should not exceed one hour.  If you find the assignment are taking your child longer then this please notify me right away.

Assignments include daily reading, a math sheet, and some word work.

READING: Each night they are asked to read for a minimum of 10 minutes (This time requirement will increase through the year.) This can include you reading aloud to your child or shared reading or your child silent reading or reading to you or a family member.

MATH: Monday Through Thursday: Usually a “Homelink” form the math curriculum that follows an activity from class.  Other times a fact practice sheet or a “Read it- Draw it- Solve it” worksheet.  If you do not see a math sheet in the folder every day (except Fridays) please notify me.  Students should have this in their folders every day Mon through Thurs.

WORD WORK: Student should practice the correct letter formation of letters we have covered in class.  They should practice the weekly sight word list through the worksheets and with assistance at home with flash cards, games, and artistically “drawing” the words.  For a more complete list of how to practice sight words please attend the open house this week.


Being a member of room 112 is an honor for me.  This year will be an amazing experience for all of us.  Parents, please be easy on yourselves this week; it is not easy for parents to let go and say goodbye in the beginning.

Important notes and home assignments will be posted here (on the school web site- and printed each week.  Look for these notes in your child’s “Take-Home-Folder”.  Please show that you have looked inside the folder each day by writing your initials on today’s date.  I will put a stamp over your initials when the folder is returned to indicate that I have looked for notes from you. (See “Take-Home-Folder” note)

An important note from Ms. Thole:

Back to School Packets: All students will receive packets on Tuesday. Please ensure the following documents are in your child’s folder today:
1. Handbook Signature Page (found attached to the Parent/Student Handbook on the website & Drive)
2. Emergency Contact Form (if not a new student)
3. Medical forms (as needed – all teachers received student non-compliance lists in their PD folder)
4. Income forms
5. School fees
6. Robo-call opt-in forms
Note: if anything is missing, please let me know right away so I can track it down for you.

Each family is asked to pay a school fee to cover the cost of consumable items used throughout the year such as workbooks and art/science supplies.  Please pay this fee directly to me or to the main office and be sure to get a receipt for it.  If you need to make payments toward it over time that can also be arranged.

Check back for an updated copy of our schedule!

Have a great school year!
Ms. Sheridan