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The weather is unpredictable so please provide layers and options for dress.

Also, it is recommended that your second grader keep a pair of gym shoes in their pack so when gym days come up they are not without.

We are still waiting for the math “home Links” so the math assignments will continue to be from various sources for now.  We appreciate your patience.

Next week we have an Open House.  This is a parent event.  If you must bring your child they must stay by your side throughout the evening.  Child care is not provided and the classroom will only be used for a brief teacher presentation, it is not open for student use.

Picture day is also next week.  Please return the order form completely filled out if you choose to purchase a picture.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1 Creative Writing: Pretend you saw the world’s biggest pig.  Write a story telling about the pig and how it looked.  Begin your story with the words: “Babe was as big as six…”

Choice #2 Animal Chatter:  Pretend a talking animal has just won a blue ribbon at the county fair in your town.  Write four questions you would like to ask this unusual animal.  Skip a few lines under each question.  Then write the animal’s answers

Sight words:city, full, no, other, places, put, school, sing, think, this

Days 9 through 13!

Parents please provide your child with a water bottle (WITH SPORT LID) to keep on their desk.

If you have not paid your school fee($85) please do so as soon as possible.

I want to thank all of you who are regularly checking the take-home-folders and signing the calendar.  I missed a few stamps this past week because students forgot to turn in the folders in the morning, but we are getting the hang of it!

Our first field trip is scheduled for October 30 to the Children’s Farm at the Center in Palos Park.

Scholastic Book orders: This is an optional source for inexpensive books.  You are in no way obligated to purchase through these advertisements.  All orders can be placed on line or through the teacher with a check or money order payable to Scholastic Books.  No cash.

Please contact me if you have some time to volunteer in the classroom. Please consider donating a classroom healthy snack (no nuts please).  Please consider donating to the school Warrior Store.

Home Assignments:

  • Read daily 15 minute minimum 7 days (track on the contract due Mon)
  • Math Home link (make it more challenging for your child as needed)
  • Word study: daily practice sight words for improved reading fluency (5 days)
  • Writing Application: Mon plan, Tues draft, Wed revise, Thurs edit, Fri submit

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1 Rhymes: Some poems have only two lines that rhyme.  Write some of your own poems about animals. “My rooster is read.  It sits on my bed”

Choice #2 Pet Books: Make a book about a pet you like.  Cut six sheets of paper in the shape of the pet.  On each page write something about the pet. You might tell what it eats or where it sleeps.  Make a cover and staple the sheets together to make a book.

Sight words:bring, children, comes, do, family, like, make, those, use, with

This is the first week of home assignments for your second grader.

Please be sure to do this work with your child every day.

The assignments are as follows

Daily: Read for a minimum 15 minutes (This can be to self, or read to), track the minutes read on the reading contract on the back of this page. Practice the site word list (write the words, make flash cards, play memory game)

Monday through Thursday; A Math work page and practice site words (there will be quizzes each Friday for math and site words.

Writing goes like this:
Each Monday I will offer two choices.  On Monday pick which one you will write about and talk with your family about your choice (This will develop language for the writing.)  On Tuesday write, Wednesday make it better, and more interesting, on Thursday fix up the spelling and Friday turn it into the teach in your take home folder.  [NOTE: if your child is still an emergent writer you are invited to “Share the pen” with them as they create their application each week]

Monday; Plan, Tuesday Draft, Wednesday: Revise, Thursday Edit, Friday turn it in!

Writing Application Choices:

Choice #1 An invitation
Pretend you are having a costume party.  Write an invitation.  Tell the day, time and place.

Choice #2
What would you like to be when you grow up? Pretend you could have any job in the world.  Write about your job and the clothes you would have to wear for your job.

Site words: around, be, five, help, next, or, pull, take, until, walked


Hello Ray Family and Kudos ALL!
This first week of school popping into classrooms and walking through the halls, we have observed students positively getting acclimated to their new teacher, environment, peers, and classroom rituals & routines.
With safety as one of our top priorities, we want to make certain all stakeholders are aware of our entrance and exit procedures. 
Please share this information with your parents (blog, weekly newsletters, etc). 
  • All students line up by their room number
  • Teachers walk outside to their designated area to retrieve their students
  • Students are picked up by 8:45am
  • Parents are not allowed to walk students to class
  • Admin, security and support staff will be stationed at all areas
  • Teachers should be in route to the playground at 3:40PM
  • All teachers walk students to the room number
  • Students are released at 3:45PM
  • Admin, security and support staff will remain with students until 3:50PM
  • After 3:50PM, students will be taken to room 306
Per our handbook
Please ensure your child is picked-up from school at dismissal. If an emergency occurs, call and inform the main office. 
To ensure safety, the following non-compliance procedure will be followed for students not picked up at 3:45 pm:
1st Late Pick Up – Your child will be sent to classroom 306.
2nd Late Pick Up – The student will be sent to classroom 306. Parents will receive written notice to attend a required conference with school administration. 
3rd Late Pick Up – Student will be sent to in-house emergency after care and a $25 fee will be charged. 
Parents will receive written correspondence outlining legal requirement.
Per CPS Policy
If by 4:30 p.m., the parent, guardian, or emergency contact has not been reached and/or no one has come to pick up the student, school staff shall call: 
-DCFS Hotline to report child neglect
-CPS Student Safety Center to explain that a student is stranded
Schools should continue to attempt to locate the parent, guardian, or emergency contact; b. Arrange for the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to provide transportation if the parent, guardian or emergency contact requires assistance to get to school; c. As a last resort, call 911 to ask the police to come to the school to take protective custody of the student.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.
If you have any concerns or suggestions, please let us know.
Safety First,
​Ray Administration
William H. Ray Elementary School
It’s a great day to be a Ray Warrior!

September 3, 2015

WELCOME TO Room 214!!

Dear Families,

I am very excited about this school year! I am sure that your child’s experiences in 2nd grade will be a year filled with learning and fun!  I hope that the following information is helpful as we start the 2015/16 school year. I would like to point out that your child is joining an amazing group of very friendly and helpful students.  I am confident that they will adjust easily with our help.


Each student will have a folder designated as their “Take-Home folder.”  All important papers will be sent home in this folder every night.  Please check it every night.  This folder is an essential part of our communication so it must also return to school every morning.


Homework Assignments

Homework will consist of:

  • A Math Home Link (to be done together as a review of lessons taught in class –note these will not follow the chronologic order printed in the corner of each assignment)
  • Sight word study (for fluency improvement) Students are expected to be able to read these words on sight, not necessarily spell them correctly.
  • Vocabulary study—second grade only (Students are expected to be able to understand the meaning of these words)
  • A writing application (each day a step of the writing process)
  • Reading a minimum of 15 minutes a day (including weekends)

Homework is not planned to last longer than 60 minutes, and is not intended to be completed independently.  Please supervise all homework activity and make it a part of the home routine.

School Fees

This year the school fees for all students in grades K–6 is $85.00. This fee does not include field trips. School fees should be paid as soon as possible. Please see me if there is an obstacle in paying the fee.


Please consider contributing to the daily snack stash we keep in the classroom.  When shopping think about throwing an extra box of crackers or chips into your cart.


We love celebrations, however we plan to honor all of the birthdays in a given month on the last Friday of each month.  Store bought treats only, as per health regulations please.  Also, we encourage healthy birthday treats such as fruit and cool whip rather than cupcakes with frosting.

Field Trips

We have planned some field experiences for our students this year and these trips are aligned with the curriculum.  Trips are a required part of the school experience.  The fees for these are NOT covered in the school fee.  Please pay close attention to fee due dates.


All money sent to school should be placed in a clearly marked envelope with the child’s name, room #, and purpose for the money.  Receipts will be written for amounts over $20.